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Isn’t it wonderful how Nature just calmly, without any big to-do takes care of everything? I think so.

When it comes to the debate about CBD Oil and if it should or should not be used, administered or otherwise consumed, or used topically on both humans and animals much of the world is still living in the dark ages.

I find it interesting that most people don’t think twice about using more common medicinal herbs, tinctures, salves, dietary oils and…synthetically produced pharmaceuticals. But when it comes to the controversy surrounding CBD Oil there are all kinds of myths and wives’ tails touted by those completely ignorant of how Nature produces both in living bodies and in plants that which is needed for optimum health and to live a long and thriving life!

“Cannabinoids,” found yes, in marijuana, but also in many, many other plants and found in especially high concentrations in hemp not grown for a “high,” but instead grown specifically for its many health benefits, are one of Nature’s ways to provide natural support and healing to living creatures. I mean, it’s right out there in the open, or at least it was until pharmacopeia decided they wanted it made illegal simply for the THC it contains. Yet no one thinks twice about the potential liquors can wreak upon a person that has an addictive tendency. Let along how drinking and driving murders so many innocent people every year. Most people that smoke “pot” just rather stay home and mimic a “couch potato!”

At any rate, all vertebrates (and quite possibly invertebrates as well) have cannabinoid receptors. It makes total sense to me that if Nature placed these receptors in living creatures then they must be there for some good reason, not just to get high.

How many receptors do living creatures have for liquor? Hmmm…it gets interesting when we look at it this way.

CBD that is produced today is mostly produced to help relieve pain, give a better night’s rest, calm panic attacks, reduce depression, help with eating disorders, mitigate seizures and migraines, and an entire host of other ailments we all experience at one time or another during our lifetimes. CBD today, that is legally produced under close scrutiny of the government, is produced using strains of hemp that are extremely low in THC (the psychoactive constituent) and extremely high in CBD (cannabidiol) the constituent that can potentially aid some people and animals in healing or curbing pain or brain disfunctions.

So much has been studied regarding the use of CBD. It’s actually exhausting to research there is so much information out there! And no matter how many studies are performed, and credible doctors touting the use of CBD there will always be those that live in constant cognitive dissonance simply because they don’t read the credible research, their religion doesn’t approve (letting someone else tell them what is right and wrong instead of believing their own eyes and ears), peer pressure tells them to side on the doubtful and negative side of the debate, and haven’t actually tried it themselves. Most of these would rather take a pharmaceutical pill regardless of the long laundry list of potentially fatal side affects of each individual substance. When there are very little-known side affects from either marijuana containing THC and CBD Oil that is very low in TCH and high in the mechanism that helps curb many health problems. And yes, the data is out there about the benefits without side affects of CBD. Read them!

Since virtually all vertebrates have the receptors for cannabidiol I’m going to side with Nature, believe Her and use CBD oil for my family and my pet family where and when I feel it can be helpful. If I see positive results, I will use it again when necessary. If I see it doesn’t have a positive effect, I will not use it. One small dose is likely to be more helpful than harmful.

Companies that produce CBD Oil, are under constant governmental watch and scrutiny. For this very reason these companies are very careful about how and what they produce. Anyway, any company with a pristine reputation that wishes to remain in business will be sure to keep their noses clean. Of course, there are some companies that will do anything to make a buck. It happens in all industries, and especially in large pharma. Smaller companies that rely on their business to make a modest living are usually out to really help those in need. Their profit margins are low due to the amount of research they have to perform, the amount of out-of-house and non-related laboratory testing required, the strict standards of the government and their constant uphill battle of those, both private and public that want to destroy public’s confidence in their CBD products.

My suggestion to you? If you are interested in trying CBD for any health reason, do your research. Learn from what others have experienced, the good and the bad. Finally, if you decide to try CBD Oil for yourself, a family member or a pet find a company that has a longstanding reputation (relative to the time CBD has been legal in all 50 United States). Ask the company lots and lots of questions. Read and re-read their website. Ask for COAs (certificated of analysis). Any reputable company will not have any issues with you performing your own due diligence before making a purchase. If anyone tries to hurry you into buying their product, it’s probably a good sign you should find a different company.

I will be using CBD on some of the permanent residents here at Providence Exotic Bird Sanctuary. We have a bird that exhibits seizure-like behavior, many that engage in feather destruction, some that are just irritable most of the time. I want to see if any of these birds benefit from extremely minute doses of CBD Oil. I will be using CBD Oil myself to treat my own sleepless nights, migraines and fibromyalgia. I have no fear of the CBD Oil I will be using. I have done my research and I feel very confident the company that produces the CBD Oil I will be using is one of pristine reputation.

I am supplying some reference links for you to begin, or continue your CBD research. Don’t be lazy and take my word for it. Do your own research. Ask questions. If I cannot answer your question(s) I will try to find someone that can.

References to begin with in no particular order:

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And there are literally thousand more articles! Have fun with your research!

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