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Rewards discounts differ from the discount received for Auto-Renew. Unfortunately each feature offered by our website's Host, the company that designs the website, doesn't always interface with each other. This is the case between Rewards Discounts and Auto-Renew Discounts.

These feathers are called "apps" and are usually designed and owned by different companies. Our Host doesn't own many of the apps (features). Therefore in order to use your Rewards points you have to place a separate website order. "Reward" points cannot be used in Auto-Renew. This is why you can't use the points on your normal Auto-Renew order. 

You have a choice. 

  • You can purchase a one-time order, not through Auto-Renew, just on our website and claim your discount coupon through Rewards

  • Or, you can add items to your Auto-Renew order and receive 3% off the item(s), then you would need to access your
         Auto-Renew account and removed the item after you are charged for that month's order. 

  • You cannot combine your Rewards discount and your Auto-Renew discount.
I'm sorry, but I have absolutely no control over this. And I cannot manually deduct Rewards discounts from your Auto-Renew order. If I did that I would be spending all of my time manually applying discounts to each person's Auto-Renew account. I simply do not have the time or manpower for manual discounts. I hope you understand. 
Then why do we have two different purchasing options? Some people don't want to be bothered with placing their own order each month
and are satisfied with the 3% discount for Auto-Renew. If they decide to add an item, they add it to their Auto-Renew and then remove it
once they are billed so that it is not on any upcoming orders. 
Others wish to utilize the Rewards program because they don't want an Auto-Renew account. They would rather place their own orders
when they are ready for another order. 

  • How do you open and use a Rewards Program account? Click on the black button located at the bottom left of your screen and follow the prompts. Each time you make a purchase by logging in to your Rewards account you will receive points that accumulate. Once you have reached certain levels of points your account overview will show you the perks/discounts/freebies you have earned. Click on the perk you wish to receive and then copy the code shown. Once you are in checkout place that code in the discount box. (I cannot access your purchase and enter the code for you once your order is placed; you must use the code at the time you place and pay for your order).

  • How do you open and use the Auto-Renew feature? Navigate to the item(s) you wish to purchase. Choose "Auto-Renew Subscription" and place your item(s) in the cart. Choose the frequency you wish your items to renew. Upon checkout you will actually be opening an Auto-Renew account and our website program will retain your information and then charge you according to the frequency you chose at the time of placing the item(s) in your cart. Be sure you choose the frequency you wish to receive each item. It's best to set the frequency at the same interval for all items - if you choose different frequencies for each item you will be charged shipping each time you are charged. If all items are set to renew at the same interval you will be charged one shipping amount for all items. -You can access your Auto-Renew account to add and remove items at any time. If you want a one-time item you can either purchase it through your Rewards account, or add it to your Auto-Renew. If you add it to your Auto-Renew and you do not wish to receive that item on a recurring basis, you will need to access your Auto-Renew account after you have been charged for that particular interval and manually remove the item. At this time there is no way to add a one-time item purchase to Auto-Renew. Hopefully the programmers of the Auto-Renew feature will address this fault in the future.
I hope all of this makes sense. Hopefully in the future our Host for the website will realize they need to combine both aspects, Rewards and Auto-Renew so that customers can use both features interchangeably and are not left confused. 
Thank you so much for your loyalty and purchases! 
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