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Why do you have to pay to join the VIP sections?

Simply stated we have learned that social media can be quite intimidating to some people who want nothing more than to learn and peacefully socialize.

"Birds of a feather flock together" is a phrase that is very true.
Peaceful people like to flock to peaceful places.
People with open minds want to congregate with others that have open minds, regardless of opinion.
These people want to discuss, learn and differ in opinion when wanted without drama, debating, criticizing and bullying. 
Others like to engage in strong debate and even argue; those people will flock together as well.

In our EBCO forum we want peaceful discussion and a place like-minded people who really wish to open the cages of their minds can do so without intimidation from bullies. 

Asking members to pay a fee may help weed out those that do not have open minds and/or are strongly argumentative. 

Besides, there is A LOT of nutritional information provided in our EBCO forum that our founders have worked hard to accrue over the decades. A LOT of time and effort, as well as money has been invested in the nutritional information you will find here. You will find cutting edge information that you will not find on free public social media platforms. When you join and pay a fee you will have access to information provided by an avian nutrition specialist that has been researching, formulating, clinically testing and 3rd-party laboratory testing species-specific exotic bird foods for decades. Machelle, our formulator has written a comprehensive avian nutrition book "You Can't Take the Rainforest Out of the Bird" and she is always working on new articles for our blogs on this site as well as working on additional books ranging from nutrition, recipes, feather destruction and species-specific books for the bird you may care for in your house! 

Those members that purchase our Origins Wild Diet daily diets on a regular and consistent basis will receive a full refund of the initial fee required to join. The dollar amount that qualifies a member to gain access free of charge to our private sections is an overall annual average of $35.00USD per month. This can occur as an Auto-Renew order that averages out to $35.00 per month, a general website purchaser whose annual purchases average out to $35.00 per month, or even bulk purchasers (10# or more) whose annual purchases averages out to $35.00 per month.

Others who wish to join the VIP sections, but do not purchase our Origins Wild Diet daily diets, or who does not pay the one-time fee plus the monthly fee cannot access the private VIP sections. Those registrants will be required to pay the one-time fee, plus the monthly fee to access the VIP sections. IF a registrant doesn't pay the feed they will still have access to our Public sections. Under no circumstances will this fee ever be refunded. If you really want to join and don't want to pay the fee, begin purchasing our Origins Wild Diet foods. Once you have proved to be a regular and consistent purchaser for a continuing 6 months with average monthly purchases of $35.00 or more you will be allowed to join EBCO forum and have your fee refunded after joining. 

You may pay your one-time fee here: Then return to our forum and pay the monthly fee where indicated. 

Your VIP access will not be granted until you pay the one-time $30.00 fee at the link above. You must also pay the $12.50 monthly fee every month for continued access to our VIP sections. You only pay one monthly fee to access ALL of the VIP sections - not $12.50 for each section. (Monthly payments allow you to "opt-in" or opt-out" from month-to-month.)

As a VIP member you not only have access to all public and private sections, but you will also receive special discounts not available to the general public!
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